Oxford Massage Therapy Studio

Oxford Massage Therapy Studio is located at Ferry Leisure Centre in Oxford.

Specialising in deep tissue and sports massage.

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Releases Muscle Tension

Improves Posture

Increases Blood Circulation

Improves Flexibility

Speeds up Recovery Rate from Injuries

Breaks down scar tissue

Removes waste products

Improves Physical Performance


What is a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy which works by releasing chronic tension and breaking down adhesions deep within our muscles.

Most people will experience some form of muscular pain at some point in their life. But whereas physical exercise can help to improve muscle strength and flexibility, activities in our everyday life are restricted to mainly monotonous movements (such as sitting at a desk) which can result in chronic muscle tension. In addition to this, we all feel more stressed and tense due to time pressures and increasing demands at work, at home or in our relationships.

Chronic muscle tension can lead to areas of rigid hard knots within our muscles, tendons and ligaments, called adhesions. Adhesions can prevent normal effective blood circulation in that area and this will ultimately lead to pain and limited movement.

Deep tissue massage aims to break down adhesions and thereby realigning the deeper muscle layers. This will help to improve the blood flow to the muscle and reduce tension and pain.

Athletes commonly use deep tissue massage to enhance their recovery rate and boost their exercise performance.


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