Why Wrap Your Hands

The purpose of wrapping your hands is to protect your knuckles, wrist, fingers and your thumb.

Your hands are made up of small bones and joints that can break very easily upon impact when punching. Wrapping your hands packs them into a solid fist holding and supporting the hand together. Wrap your hands and you will reduce that risk of injury and also allow yourself to be able to punch harder.

Hand wraps come in all different widths and lengths, the best ones (in my opinion) to get are anything over 3.5 meters long and about approximately 3 inches thick. That way you will have enough material to cover everything.

There are many ways of wrapping your hands, there is no right or wrong way of doing it all depends on what you want to protect the most e.g. wrists, knuckles or fingers and thumbs and which way you prefer…………

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